Suffolk police campaign hits vehicles transporting hazardous goods

Suffolk Police has been working with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) and HM Revenue Customs (HMRC) to improve the legislation that controls the transports of dangerous goods. Some of those goods are susceptible to be used as material to create explosive by terrorists’ groups.

On Monday 5 November the police organized an operation that took place along the A12 and the A14 (and some other roads of strategic value). Around 34 vehicles were stopped by the police officers and escorted to a prepared location to check the cargo, located in the Tesco truck stop, near Copdock, 27. The result of the operation was that 27 out of the 34 vehicles stopped carried hazardous goods.

The operation ended up with two men arrested, accused of drug transport. During the operation, the agents reported eight CDG offenses, 15 advisory notices issued as well as eight prohibitions. Moreover, the agents also reported 17 traffic offenses:

  • Four drivers were issued for not wearing the seatbelt
  • Three vehicles were stopped for presenting dangerous conditions in the road
  • One vehicle was issued for carrying loads insecurely
  • One driver was issued for using the phone while driving
  • Some were issued for fails in the mechanic maintenance of the vehicle, highly dangerous for the security of the road.

The main aim of this operation carried out by the Suffolk police is to, in the first place, enforce the legislation that controls the transport of hazardous good. As it has been previously stated, police are concerned about the danger it entails that these goods can be used to produce explosive artifacts. Considering the last events taken place not only in the UK but around Europe, its safe to say that their concerns are justified, and only accredited hazardous goods carriers UK options should be trusted for many transports.

In second place, this operation tries to raise awareness about the huge importance of respecting and following the law in that regard. It is very important to follow the safety rules when transporting materials that are either inflammable themselves, or that have the potential to be transformed into explosives. 24 out of the 34 vehicles stopped during the operation committed law offenses, and that is a highly worrying number.

The human, economic and structural consequences of an accident suffered by a vehicle transporting hazardous goods are uncountable. The law should be stricter in the issue, as well as the punishments for not following the law should be harsher. Similar operations are held regularly in different key roads along the country in order to preserve the safety of the roads for all users and make sure the law is being followed.

For example, the operation Truck and Bus takes places on a regular basis and targets both vehicles who transport light goods and passengers. The aim of this operation is to detect and detain offenses related to vehicle criminality. The focus is primarily set on commercial vehicles, but it can occasionally be extended to shipping containers. All these different operations carried out regularly throughout the whole country pursue a shared objective: the safety of the roads for all the users and the prosecution of vehicle-enabled criminals.

Reality star Kim Zolciak says husband wasn’t happy with her breast reduction

Reality show stars have never been so close to their fans life thanks to social media. Instagram and its updates have become a daily obsession for thousands of people around the world who follow famous people lives throughout their stories and posts. The Real Housewives of Atlanta is one of the pioneers in reality shows programs in America. This reality show showed the real lives of housewives in prestigious neighbourhoods at Atlanta and of course one of the most important features it focused on was the bodies of these women.

Kim Zolciak-Biermann is known for participating in five seasons of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and for being married to Kroy Biermann, a football player at the Atlanta Falcons. Recently, Zolciak had a cosmetic surgery for breast reduction after having them done a few years ago. However, after the surgery reality star Kim Zolciak says her husband wasn’t happy with her breast reduction. She decided to change the size of her boobs, again, due to their size. She revealed they were heavy and this was affecting her posture, among other reasons such as breastfeeding her sick children and her age.

Given her husband’s reaction, one could think her reasons are reasonable and be shouldn’t be mad for her decision. Nonetheless, let’s not forget where is Zolciak coming from a reality show based mainly on appearances. For many men, women are attractive given the size of their boobs, waist or butt. Biermann is no exception and his negative reaction of his wife’s breast reduction confirms it. This is only an example of how social media and reality shows have sold to the public an appearance-based image of what a woman, or in his case, a wife should be.

Zolciak did something different and for that, we should consider her a trend. After being in the spotlight for being known as a hot mama’, she is now sending a message about self-care and authenticity. Perhaps her husband doesn’t like her new breasts size, however, this can be an opportunity to focus and explore on other areas as a couple.

As for Zolciak, she is looking better than ever and her sexiness, for being a mother of six has not disappeared at all. For a change, it is refreshing to see long- known reality show stars making a positive statement with their body, even if that means going against what’s trendy now. There are many different boob job Manchester services, or others around the UK and US, but you’ll want to make sure you only ever go with an expert option.

Can you take any medication to reduce hearing loss?

There are many conditions that affect a person’s ears, and one of the most common is the sudden sensorineural hearing loss. Here you can not hear anything for a day or more. This affects only one ear, and it feels as if the ear is full, and most patients usually experience a continuous buzzing. Most patients also complain of fever such as symptoms and dizziness and nausea when they have the disease.

If you discover it, it is important to consult a doctor as soon as possible to get the help you need and prevent the condition from getting worse. There are doctors who specialise in this condition, so it is advisable not to consult a doctor if you want to get the proper treatment. Most people often wait a long time before going out and see the doctor’s chances of reversing the situation in which one might end up suffering for the rest of their lives. The condition is usually classified as otitis media such as otitis media and an otolaryngologist or audiologist is the best person to see the appropriate treatment.

The sudden sensorineural hearing loss is diagnosed with special equipment that requires a hearing test to determine the extent of the damage. This is usually done in a soundproof chamber to give the specialist the correct results. Some of the tests must be performed, including acoustic reflex tests, pure tone thresholds, and speech discrimination scores.

Patients who enlist the services of hearing experts such as My Hearing must also undergo an audio metric evaluation in order for the doctor to confirm that the patient has the condition. This also confirms that the problem was caused by the nerves and not by perforations, holes, fluid or infection of the eardrum.

If severe, an MRI should be performed on the patient’s brain to make sure there are no tumours in the brain that can cause the problem. The good news is that the condition is usually not permanent and you can get treatment so you can continue living normally. Patients receive steroids or oral injections for approximately 2 weeks after experiencing the symptoms of the disease.

Also, perform a test to detect an ear infection, as it sometimes causes problems. The constant infection of the ear, which can not be resolved immediately, can cause many long-term problems that could be irreversible. A new generation of hearing aids that make use of advances in electronics and microcircuits offers better options for those who have suffered a hearing loss. The current market offers lighter and smaller hearing aids that allow an increase in sound but a reduction in noise.

People with headaches can even consider cochlear implants or other surgeries that help them improve their hearing. Make sure that your audience is well cared for in your youth so there are no problems in the future.

How Much Do Food Couriers Cost?

Dining out certainly has its finer points, you can enjoy a meal you didn’t have to cook yourself and there’s no cleaning up afterwards. But, what if you could have all the benefits of dining out right in your own home? Well actually, you can by using a food courier service. But How much do food couriers cost? The answer to this is not direct. Cost of food courier is determined by many factors such as: Waiting time. Quantity ordered. Location. Distance. Type of food

This is just factors but the average cost is around £ 2 to £ 5+. But generally, its cheap to hire the services of food courier. In fact, a good food courier service is better than dining out. Here are just a few reasons why.

No Dress Code
Dining out in some establishments require you to dress in certain ways. Some establishments want you to dress in suits and dresses while others are more casual and you need to know which dining establishments require you to wear what kind of dress. With a food couriers service, you can dress any way you want because you are eating in your own home. You can dress formal, casual, or eat in your bathrobe if you prefer. You don’t have to worry if you are dressed properly because you set the dress code, not some unknown manager or owner.

Less Expensive
Using a food courier service is far less expensive than eating out. When you eat out you are not only paying for your food and the people cooking it you are paying for a portion of the wages of the waiter or waitress, the dishwasher, and even the maintenance man. The more employees an establishment has the more you pay for that dinner. Because most food couriers services need a smaller number of employees, the cost of preparing and bringing you your meal is lower and that saving is passed on to you so while you are still getting great food you are paying less for it than you would if you were dining out.

There’s No Place Like Home
Let’s face it when it comes to comfort and relaxation for most people there really is no place like home. Being able to sit back and relax while enjoying a great meal that you don’t have to cook for yourself is one of the great pleasures in life. A food couriers service allows you to enjoy great restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own home. It simply doesn’t get much better than this.

Fewer Hassles
Using a food take-out service means fewer hassles especially for families with small children. When you eat out with young children you have to bring some sort of entertainment to keep your children occupied while they are waiting for their food and make sure to choose only child-friendly establishments. With a food take-out service, the establishment is always child-friendly as they are served right in their own home. You also don’t have to worry about keeping your child entertained while you are waiting for the food to arrive as all their toys are available to keep them occupied until your order is delivered.