Functions of a courier service

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Are you in courier business or aspiring courier service provider? Do you understand the functions and features of a courier company? It is a fact that courier business is growing day by day. You have to deal with a variety of companies and individuals in this business. With the development of IT services, the fastest transportation, courier services has to be more productive. There are same day and next day delivery services and a reliable tracking system with different tools and software. Here are the main functions and responsibilities of courier services. The courier service is all-inclusive service that collects and delivers your shipments.

Speed and efficiency

The speed and efficiency is the first and foremost function of a courier service. They need to deliver shipment with utmost speed and as soon as possible. They have to work around the clock, and it is the essence of a courier company. They tend to provide next day delivery services and offer a premium international delivery. They provide a convenient time slot. The time-critical service has another service which is same-day delivery at some locations. It is the duty and feature of some of the best courier companies. In modern business, time plays an important role.

Size restrictions

The courier, in contrary to postal services has only a few weight and size restrictions when they book the goods for transportation and delivery. You have no concern about size, weight and other joint limits with a courier service. They need to convey to potential shipping destination. The courier services do not ask you about the size and volume, because rules and regulations allow them to transport the goods to required last mile without any restriction. It is an excellent feature of a courier company.


The courier services offer real-time tracking services to their customers. This feature is the leading trademark of courier companies. You may know the whereabouts of your shipments with a time tracking facility. They may provide the updates via phone and email. They manage all of your deliveries, so there is no misplacing of your goods. They have a customer service which supports you about booking, tracking and delivery. In international shipping you need to have an update about your goods and the courier service provides you with the visibility of your goods.